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Friday, 23 June 2017

How to Work Windows System Repair Tool

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Ease to process is the top most priority for anyone and everyone when it is about fixing an issue in your laptop or computer. Many resort to directly contacting the Microsoft online customer support for a quick solution but is it only the Technical Support  that is the way out – No it is not so.
There are tutorials available to execute quick fixes for routine computer issues; here we will guide you about how the Windows system repair tool work. The process is simple however you really need to be careful while implementing the same. Known as the Windows Repair tool, it is an automated tool from Microsoft to fix Windows 10 issues and problems.

· Once you download the respective tool, the first step is to run the executable files and accept the licensing terms and conditions

Post acceptance of the licensing agreement, click on the “Proceed to scan and fix button” you will be taken to the following screen

As the image above depicts, the said tool will perform three steps already listed
· Once you proceed further, the following troubleshooting tasks will be performed by the Windows repair tool:
· Creating a system restore point
· Running the system file checker to repair system components and detecting corrupt files
· Resyncng system date and time
· Resetting system settings
· Reinstalling system applications
· Running the DISM tool to restore component store health, restore system health and repair system corruption
· Updating your system using Windows update
· Performing end of job works and restarting your computer
Note: The aforementioned Windows Repair tool works on all Windows 10 computers and is one of the easiest and quickest ways to carry out the automated process to fix Windows 10 problems and issues on your own.

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